Where can I fly to nonstop?

Non-stop flights from WLK Selawik AK

This page lists destinations which are a non stop / direct flight away from Selawik AK (WLK).
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To: Destination city and stateairport codeapprox. # of monthly nonstop flightsdistance (miles)% seats filled (% full)ramp to ramp time (hours)air time (hours)ground speed (miles per hour)
Buckland AK BKC 6 54 32% 0.45 0.36 148.40
Kotzebue AK OTZ 127 74 33% 0.57 0.49 150.09
Noorvik AK ORV 7 32 42% 0.29 0.20 160.00
Red Dog AK RDB 5 126 71% 0.96 0.85 148.24

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