Where can I fly to nonstop?

Update log:

20220212: updated site using 7/2021 data.

20200219: added international flights to and from the USA.

20191215: updated using 9/2019 data.

20170524: updated using 12/2016 data.

20141101: updated using 6/2014 data.

20090530: updated using 2/2009 data.

20090101: updated using 8/2008 data.

20081102: made the lists user sortable.

20080725: updated using 4/2008 domestic carrier data. Reorganized advertisements. Put ranking of airports by flight and passenger volume.

20080625: put a few travel related advertisements on the site.

20080607: added distance (miles), % seats filled (% full), ramp to ramp time (hours), air time (hours), and ground speed (miles per hour).

20080405: updated site with more recent flight data (December 2007). Added this update log page, and some additional text.

20080216: nsflight.com is up and online!

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