Where can I fly to nonstop?

This site lists destinations which are just a nonstop flight away from a selected airport (nonstop meaning no intermediate stops). Such information can be useful if, for example, you want to know where you can go on a quick vacation, without the hassle, added time, and risk of a connection.

The tables which make up this site are based on flight data from public domain sources.

Some information in this site may be inaccurate. Reasons for errors include changing flight schedules, and that these pages are generated in an automated fashion and there is too much data to manually check, etc... Airports listed as being connected by less than 30 or so flights likely do not have daily coverage, or may not even have any regular connecting flights. For completeness, however, results with few connections were left in the tables.

If two airports are listed here as connected by nonstop flights, but you can't find the flight on the travel sites, you might try some of the individual airline's sites, as some airlines only list their flights on their own web sites.

Currently only US and US territories are listed in the tables.

Hope you find nsflight.com useful!

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